Fire Alarm Collection That Actually Works But It’s Just Pretend And It Actually Doesn’t, I Just Make The Sound With My Mouth

It has two fire alarm panels and it has more fire alarms than pull stations and one of them is a beak glass pull station. There’s Code 3, March Time, and Continuous and Funny Sounds like fart sounds and peepee psss sounds. These are made out of paper and some of them actually open like one of the panels, the red panel. And this morning we actually made a panel that actually works and that’s in my play room. That’s all.

Halloween Costume

It actually pulls down and it’s the BG-12 by Honeywell and I like it. Pull down. It’s not a push in pull down one because my dad didn’t… because there wasn’t that much room. The white part on the top is nothing, it’s just a handle. It’s my Halloween costume because I really like fire alarms.