Hotel Alarm System and Home Fire Alarms

I was at the hotel Comfort Suites in Lake George, New York. Their whole system was Simplex but some were Wheelock. The pool ones were Wheelock. This was the one close to the pool and the arcade. It’s a Simplex Trualert.

They had a pool and I really liked the slide and my dad had to catch me.

It was in the breakfast room and it’s a Simplex T-bar.

It was the pool pull station. It’s an older brand and the push part is already pushed in. It’s Simplex T-bar.

That one is damaged. It’s another Simplex pull station and it’s really dirty. It was near the kiddie lagoon.

It’s one of the Wheelocks.

It was our smoke detector or heat detector True Alarm in our room.

This was the smoke detector in the breakfast room.

This was the exit sign in the pool room and you might see a little Simplex TruAlert in the door that you might have saw already.

This is my Simplex 4903 back at home. It does continuous.

This is my exit sign back to home. It’s on a cardboard box.

This is my paper fire alarm panel back at home. And it’s by Honeywell.

This is my K-moon siren strobe. It can do high-low, fire truck tone and door alarm.

Back to home, this is my BG-12-L with a hex key by Honeywell.

This is my HC102. It’s a dual action and it’s a BG-12-LX with a key.